Sample Itinerary

Day 0: Orientation at UC Davis, where we’ll get to know each other and our gear. Stay in UC Davis dorms and get a feel for the campus!

Days 1-2: Drive to Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. We’ll go over basic outdoor skills and learn how to pack our backpacks, and go for a hike to get introduced to the area. We’ll spend our first night at a “front-country” campsite in the park, where we’ll have access to the car, bathrooms, and running water.

Days 3-7: First backpacking trip! While hiking and camping, you’ll learn about all kinds of scientific topics, get to know your team better, and participate in citizen science projects. We’ll hike back to our front-country campsite day 7.

Days 8-9: We’ll spend two nights back at our front-country campsite. While we’re there, we’ll meet with park rangers and learn more about the national park, as well as go for another day hike and learn about independent projects.

Days 10-13: Second backpacking trip! We’ll continue to learn various scientific topics, participate in hands-on activities, and everyone will get time to work on their own independent experiment. We’ll hike back to our front-country campsite on day 14, where we’ll spend the night before returning to Davis.

Day 14: Return to Davis and stay in UC Davis dorms.

Day 15: Prepare short presentations about independent projects in the morning, and present to parents and friends at our final symposium in the afternoon.